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New Year’s resolutions: a work in progress

I gave up making New Year’s resolutions when I realized that come the 1st February I couldn’t even remember what I had promised anymore. So I’m going to try and re-inspire myself – and hopefully you too – to make resolutions that are sustainable. I think the first thing that lets us down is not […]

What is Buddhist Meditation?

It seems like everyone is talking about meditation these days. Scientists are studying it. Celebrities are trying it. Even the U.S. military is experimenting with it. But what is meditation? More specifically, what is Buddhist meditation? This short post should help clear things up. Meditation in the Kadampa Buddhist Tradition There are many different schools of Buddhism. There are […]

A Guided Meditation for Beginners

  Meditation is a powerful way to reduce stress and increase our peace of mind. However, sometimes it is helpful to have an experienced teacher guide us in this process if we are new to meditating. So sit back and enjoy this guided meditation by American Buddhist monk and US National Spiritual Director of the […]