Our Branch Teachers

Clare Morin

Meditations for World Peace Teacher on Sunday Mornings & Wednesday Night Meditation Classes in Portland, ME

Clare is the local teacher of our branch classes in Portland, Maine. She began studying in the New Kadampa Tradition at KMC Hong Kong in 2004. She moved to Maine in 2009 with her husband, and has been teaching in Portland since 2010. Clare says she enjoys how the teachings bring great joy and meaning into our daily lives—allowing us to transform everything we meet into the spiritual path. Clare is a correspondence student in the Special Teacher Training Program out of KMC London.

Donna Cordeiro

Wednesday Night Meditation Teacher in New Bedford

Donna is appreciated for the warmth and clarity of her teachings. She was one of the first students who attended teachings when Serlingpa Meditation Center was first founded in 2001. She says that one of the greatest benefits of her meditation practice is how it brings a more peaceful mind, which leads to better relationships with everyone we meet. Donna studies on the Foundation Program in New Bedford.

Diane Parent

Tuesday Night Meditation Teacher in New Bedford

Diane Parent has been attending Serlingpa Meditation Center since 2007 and teaches the Tuesday night classes in New Bedford. She says one of the biggest benefits she has received from these teachings is the knowledge that happiness comes from within.

Rochelle Sokoll

Westport, MA Teacher

Rochelle has been a practitioner, student, and teacher of Kadampa Buddhism for the past 14 years. As a Westport resident, she is very happy to be sharing these practical and beneficial teachings in her local community.

Debra Acquavella

Meditation Teacher in Boston

Deb is a well-loved meditation teacher at our Boston center and is appreciated for her warm, clear teachings and inspiring example as a Kadampa practitioner. She first started studying Geshe Kelsang’s teachings at KMC Maryland in 2004 and is currently a correspondence student on the Special Teacher Training Program out of KMC London. Deb says the teachings are helping her to realize how the things she would normally get stuck on, that felt so “real” and solid, are not that way at all—allowing her to live more lightly and have more harmonious relationships with family and others.

Mar York

Meditations for World Peace Teacher on Sunday Mornings in Boston

Mar first studied at KMC San Francisco before coming to the Boston branch of Serlingpa Meditation Center. She grew up as an environmental and peace activist and says it wasn’t until she discovered Kadam Dharma that she was able to develop faith that change was possible—from the inside out. She says she now sees immense hope and possibility in how we choose to transform our mind and how this will ultimately transform our world.

Nixie Raymond

Dharma for Kids & Families Teacher in Boston

Shannon Seaver

Meditations for Kids and Families on Sunday Mornings in Boston

Shannon has been practicing Buddhism for the past 8 years. On a beautiful fall day in October 2007 while studying at Fiore’s Bakery in Jamaica Plain, she spotted a postcard on a bulletin board with a very peaceful looking Buddha, read about the class offerings, attended her first class and has never turned back—What started as a casual drop-in has now developed into a life practice! She has been blessed to have received teachings from several amazing teachers including Gen Kelsang Dorje, Kelsang Chokyi, Gen Kelsang Pawo and currently Resident Teacher, Kyle Davis. She hails from Carpinteria, California, loves to dance and can never eat enough avocados!