Bowl-A-Rama Fundraising Tips

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Everyone is important and needed in order to help us reach our fundraising goal of $3500 for our Good Karma Bowl-A-Rama! Since we are a non-profit, we rely entirely upon the support of our community both energetically and financially.  Fundraisers are a great opportunity to extend the network of support through our community members reaching out to their friends, family and co-workers.  Below are a few tips in helping get sponsored by your network of people:

1. Posting about our fundraiser to facebook and sending an e-mail to your personal network of family and friends asking them to donate through our Bowl-A-Rama website page.  Make what you share personal by explaining how much the center means to you so that your people can help raise funds for a cause you’re passionate about whether or not they have a connection to the center already.

2. Help folks connect our fundraising event with our purpose as a meditation center in a fun way with witty catch phrases like “get your mind out of the gutter” / “strike out the obstacles to inner peace” /  “can you spare to donate for inner peace?” etc.

3. In an e-mail or facebook post, you can remind those you’re close to that by supporting the Center, they are helping create a place of inner peace and refuge in New England and beyond. You can share some of your experience about how the classes at Serlingpa or Atisha have helped you, and what the Center means to you. Your e-mail/post can be very personal and is a great opportunity to talk about your experience of Buddha’s teachings and what you get from Dharma in your everyday life. In this way, those you love will make a connection with how important the Center is to you, and they can engage in the beneficial action of donating!

4. Don’t forget, all donations are tax deductible! We are a 501©(3) organization and thus any donation to Serlingpa can be deducted from one’s taxes. This is always a good point to mention!


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