Meditations for World Peace is a Buddhist Meditation Class in New Bedford dedicated to the study and practice of Lamrim – stages of the path to enlightenment – a special set of instructions that includes all the essential teachings of Buddha, structured in a comprehensive way that is easy to understand and put into practice.

The instructions of Lamrim can readily be applied to solving the problems of daily life. If we gain deep experience of Lamrim there will be no basis for these problems; we shall be able to solve them through the power of our inner peace.

Each week, one of the 14 Lamrim meditations is explored through instruction, discussion, and guided meditation practice. You will leave class with a practical methods for applying what you have learned to improve the quality of your daily life and to bring benefit to everyone you encounter.


Sundays | 9 – 10am

JAN. 7, 2018- time changing to 10 – 11a

Ongoing- please see our calendar for more updates.

Cost | $8 / Free for Members

We are a non-profit organization funded solely by class fees and donations. Any profits go to the International Temples Project for World Peace.

Each class includes a short talk and two guided meditations. No experience necessary.  Please feel free to drop into any or all of the classes.


Please join our MeetUp community, ask questions and RSVP to our meditation classes to stay involved!


Donna Cordiero

Serlingpa Meditation Center


Donna is appreciated for the warmth and clarity of her teachings. She was one of the first students who attended teachings when Serlingpa Meditation Center was first founded in 2001. She says that one of the greatest benefits of her meditation practice is how it brings a more peaceful mind, which leads to better relationships with everyone we meet. Donna studies on the Foundation Program in New Bedford.