Buddhist Meditation Center

Who We Are

Serlingpa Center is a Buddhist Meditation Center located in downtown New Bedford, Massachusetts. Serlingpa offers weekly classes, daily prayers with meditation,workshops, and retreats.  Since Buddhist teachings and practices can be understood and applied by everyone, regardless of experience or religious background, anyone can find practical benefit at our classes, workshops, and events.

In addition to a beautiful meditation room with a traditional shrine, we have a bookstore where you can find books and CDs covering every aspect of Buddhist meditation, from the most basic practices to the most profound.

The Resident Teacher of Serlingpa Meditation Center is Kyle Davis, Buddhist teacher and practitioner for many years.  Kyle is well known for his practicality, warmth, and clarity.

Drop-in Class Offerings

General Program classes | TUESDAYS | 7 – 8:30pm

General Program classes | WEDNESDAYS | 7 – 8:30pm

Our drop-in meditation classes are perfectly suited for busy modern people. You do not need to be a Buddhist to enjoy and understand Buddha’s teachings – anyone can benefit from increased inner peace.

Although these drop-in meditation classes are taught as a series, each class is self-contained, so feel free to attend any one.  A typical class includes guided meditations, a teaching, discussion, and question and answer.

Thursday Meditations | THURSDAYS | 7 – 8pm

The function of meditation is to make the mind peaceful and calm. Experience for yourself the lasting benefits of meditation through these guided classes that establish the foundation for an effective meditation practice for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

Each class consists of a brief teaching and a practical guided meditation that will influence our daily life in a positive way.

Meditations For World Peace | SUNDAYS | 9 – 10am

Explore ways to create inner and outer peace through learning about, meditating on, and putting into practice a variety of Buddha’s teachings. You will leave class with a practical methods for applying what you have learned to improve the quality of your daily life and to bring benefit to everyone you encounter.

People who have never meditated before can benefit from our classes — everyone is welcome. Teachings are presented in a clear and easily accessible manner, and meditations are guided so that both beginner and experienced meditators can appreciate the benefits of meditation.

When you come to classes or workshops, you don’t need to bring or wear anything special, and both chairs and cushions are available for sitting.

Everybody welcome!

In-Depth Study & Meditation

The Foundation Program

Foundation Program | THURSDAYS | 7 – 9pm

The Foundation Program (FP) is for anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding and experience of Buddhism through systematic study. FP is a practical method to improve our good heart, wisdom and inner peace. Everyone can join and experience great benefits from being a part of this regular study program. Pre-registration is required.  Please contact for information about joining FP.