Drop in Meditation Classes

The purpose of these classes is to help people gain personal experience of inner peace through the practice of meditation, overcome daily problems such as stress and anxiety, and help to find real happiness in their hearts so they can be of benefit to those around them. The classes are suitable for people with entry level experience.


Thursdays | 7 – 8pm

Ongoing- please see our calendar for updates.

Cost | $8 / Free for Members

Each class includes a short talk and two guided meditations. No experience necessary.  Please feel free to drop into any or all of the classes. Everyone welcome!

We are a non-profit organization funded solely by class fees and donations. Any profits go to the International Temples Project for World Peace.


Please join our MeetUp community, ask questions and RSVP to our meditation classes to stay involved!


Diane Parent

Serlingpa Meditation Center

Diane has been attending Serlingpa Meditation Center since 2007 and teaches the Tuesday night classes in New Bedford. She says one of the biggest benefits she has received from these teachings is the knowledge that happiness comes from within.